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Cpu speed professional is a standalone application that measures the real speed of your intel or amd central processor unit (cpu). It features a stunning.

Installiq is an install manager that will manage the installation of your selected software. Same as memset but for cpu with integrated memory controller only, cpu-tweaker allow to change memory timings under windows. Fprime95 is a small and easy to use application that allows you to find mersenne prime numbers designed for runwithaffinity allows you to run a program on a selected core instead of all cores, this is called affinity. It is capable of displaying a temperature of each individual core of every processor in your system! You can see temperature fluctuations in real time with varying workloads. I think it doesnt fully work with xp because it shows me only the gpu(hd5770),my athlon ii 250 is not shown. Easytune presents the most convenient windows based system performance enhancement and management utility for gigabyte boards. Shutdown or restart your computer if the cpu stays at a certain load for a certain period of time. Cpu-control handles the cpu-affinity for multicore-systems (supports quadcores as well). Among these improvements the gadget can be resized and the information text above the readings can be hidden if so desired. Core temp is digitally signed by artur liberman, it is now easy to tell that you have a genuine copy of core temp.

Utilities - amd com

Tool amd system monitor 0 91 for cpu gpu and apu geeks3d

Allows the system to automatically adjust the cpu frequency, voltage and power combination that match the instantaneous user performance need. Supports all.

Utilities - amd com

What amd cpu temp monitor solved - amd - cpus

Cpuid brings you system & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting quality. Processor performance and monitoring tool that allows to track up to 4. Reached 2196 mhz with a amd k16 mb toshiba zbwae - ram 4096mb samsung.

Amd com

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Download amd overdrive utility (freeware). Overdrive offers custom performance and overclocking for novice and enthusiast users as well as. For more information, please see one of the links below. View amds privacy policy view amds cookie policy continue to the site. Enabling today. Inspiring. Our aim is to help the gaming industry deliver innovative technologies, nurture open industry standards and aid in its evolution in all ways possible.

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It is capable of displaying a temperature of each individual core of every processor in your system! You can see temperature fluctuations in real time with varying workloads.


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You are not required to install any additional software to receive your selected software.


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You can find our plug-ins and add-ons if you are a developer and you are interested in creating your own addition, please see the microsoft windows xp, vista, 7, 8, 2003 server, 2008 server (r2), 2012 server.


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The modified installers are compliant with the original software manufacturers policies and terms & conditions.

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This utility was designed to work with amds new apus, but will also work with amd phenom and amd athlon class processors, as well as amd class graphics (both discrete and igp) in combination with a microsoft windows 7 32-bit 64-bit edition based system. Linpack by intel(r) is an extremely stressful program that will put even the most pow--erful x86x64 cpu in the world at its knees. That support includes processor naming, memory information (incl. We would appreciate if you add us to your white list or consider donating via paypal.